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HERE I AM is a project under the YOUTH IN ACTION program
HERE I AM is a project under the YOUTH IN ACTION program

Starting tomorrow, October 28, we start a youth forum where Karosta Kids (at the age of 13+) will be looking at the success factors and find creative solutions in order to succeed in their lives. Karosta Kids will be involved in different activities to discover and develop their talents.


On Monday they will have the possibility to discover what they do best in 4 different Activity Stations (music, beauty, sports, and cooking). Tuesday will be the day to discuss what is the key of being safe and really free. On Wednesday Karosta Kids will discuss what is actual beauty and how beauty is percieved within the minds of the opposite gender. Thursday will be the day when Karosta Kids will be able to use their practical talents being creative with their hands. And finally - Friday will be for learning more about self-respect and self-esteem.

Each one of the days will end with a discussion of the day where they will share their opinions and learn from the guests of the day.


We are super-excited to get the next week started! Stay tuned for more info on HERE I AM! 

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