NEW project: social efficiency

Starting on 1 April, 2018 "House of Hope" (Karosta Kids) Social Support Center unit is starting a new project "Social Efficiency". The project is carried out in partnership with Liepaja City Council and its support through the competition for Non-governmental Organization Project Co-financing. According to the project outlines, the organization is providing children, youth, families with both one and many children, single mothers, and other people with social services carrying out a series of events, ultimately creating socially responsible society in Liepaja. The events within the project will provide the target audience with social skills, self-independent functioning skills, and possibilities of self-caring development, education, free time activities, art and creative self-expression workshops, as well as provide them with support. The project is reaching towards higher development of the living standard and overall well-being of the target audiences, education of the civil society, and providing the information about socially important topics. The realization of the project improves the efficiency of the socializing processes, decreases the risks of social discrimination, and expands the knowledge about the social issues, as well as provide vulnerable individuals with social and psychological support. This project is socially inclusive, solving important social issues and creating a positive long-term social impact.