Publisks pasākums “Kreativitāte Karostā (Creativity in Karosta)” pie Ziemeļa mola


Biedrība “House of Hope” (“Karosta Kids”) organizē publisku pasākumu “Kreativitāte

Karostā (Creativity in Karosta)”, kurš noritēs 2018.gada 11.augustā Liepājā, pludmales zonā

pie Ziemeļa mola un laukumā starp vindsērfinga kluba un kafejnīcas “Rietumkrasts”


Pasākums paredz četras aktivitātes – “Radošums pie jūras krasta”, “Sporta

aktivitātes”, “Smilšu skulptūra” un “Talantu šovs”, kuru ietvaros bērniem un jauniešiem būs

iespēja apmeklēt nodarbības radošajās darbnīcās (zīmēšana, rokdarbi, ziepju burbuļu

veidošanu), kā arī piedalīties dažādās sporta spēlēs (mini futbols, basketbols un/vai volejbols)

un citās veselību stiprinošajās aktivitātēs.

Biedrība aicina liepājniekus piedalīties šī pasākuma konkursā “Smilšu skulptūra” un

izpaust savu kreativitāti smilšu skulptūras veidošanā pie jūras krasta. Dalībnieku pieteikšanās

un reģistrācija pasākuma dienā un norises vietā no plkst. 10.00 – 11.00. Savukārt no

plkst. 16.00 pasākuma interesenti varēs apmeklēt talantu konkursu, kas noritēs pie kafejnīcas


Katrā pasākuma aktivitātē, lai uzturētu sacīkšu garu, tiks noteikti trīs uzvarētāji un/vai

aktīvākie dalībnieki, kuri attiecīgās aktivitātes norises beigās tiks apbalvoti.

Biedrība izsaka pateicību šī publiskā pasākuma atbalstītājiem – Kurzemes NVO

atbalsta centram, vindsērfinga klubam un kafejnīcai „Rietumkrasts”, Liepājas pilsētas domes

Sporta pārvaldei, “J.P. birojs”, “Pizza Shop”, “Reklāmas un Zīmogu Fabrika, Liepājas

filiāle”, Atpūtas parks “PĒRKONE”, “Amber pizza”, “Häp For Alle” un „Cerības bāka”.

Public event "Cretivity in karosta" by the northern pier

Creativity not Criminality week in KAROSTA by the Northern Pier

This Saturday we have family event on the Beach in Karosta (Liepāja). We will be happy for each one of you who can and want to come and join our fun activities, be a volunteer or participate in the talent show! 

Program of the event:

10:00 - 11:00 Registration

11:00             Start

11:00 - 14:00 Sand figure competition

14:15 - 15:00 Sand figure competition results

11:00 - 14:00 Different creative and sport activities on the beach

16:00 - 17:00 Talent show

17:15 - 18:30 Concert by Latvian and Irish musicians



Photo, video, music, sport activities + Talent show.
Together with us will be Rick and Jolinde from Netherlands, Per-Alfred from Norway, Zaiga Boitmane from Valdemarpils and Olga Sapelkina from Jurmala.
Welcome to all, who want be a part!!!

What's forbidden in our Youth Center

“It is forbidden to cry without learning,
to wake up one day not knowing what to do,
to be afraid of your memories.

It is forbidden not to smile at problems,
not to fight for what you want,
to abandon everything because of fear,
to not transform your dreams into reality.

It is forbidden not to show your love,
to make someone pay for your debts and your bad mood.

It is forbidden to leave your friends,
not to try to understand what you lived and shared together,
to call them only when you need them.

It is forbidden not to be yourself in public,
to feign with people you don’t care about,
to fake being funny just to make them remember you,
to forget all the people who love you.

It is forbidden not to make things by yourself,
not to believe in God and forge your fate,
to be afraid of life and its engagements,
not to live each day like it was your last.

It is forbidden to miss someone without
cheering, to forget his eyes, his smile,
just because your paths stopped being embraced,
to forget your past and pay it with your present.

It is forbidden not to try to understand people,
to think that their lives are more valuable than yours,
to forget that each person has his own ways and his own happiness.

It is forbidden not to create your story,
not to have a moment for the people who need you,
not to understand that whatever life gives you, it takes it away as well.

It is forbidden not to search for your happiness,
not to live your life with a positive attitude,
not to think that we can be better,
not to feel that, without you, this world wouldn’t be the same.”

Pablo Neruda


We support creativity. Don't you?

"Creativity not criminality” is the new slogan of Karosta Kids, a youth organization which had received the award of one of the best organizations in Liepaja, in 2013.


In conversation with Tatyana Tarasova, the chairman of board, we can now share some of the activities which make the everyday life of Karosta Kids:

  • On Mondays, at 5 p.m., the german volunteer of this organization leads german lessons.
  • Tuesday is time for youngsters to discuss about serious topics, like conflict management.
  • On Wednesdays, all are invited to join the sewing workshop.
  • Thursday is time to improve the english, during one hour lesson, which starts at 5 p.m.
  • To end well the week, Karosta Kids watch a movie on Friday.

At the same time, there are other activities taking place in this youth center: decoration, cooking and soap-making are just some of the examples. “Everybody is invited to join the activities”, says Tatyana, “but, in order to keep up the good work, Karosta Kids are looking for sponsers who want to support creativity, instead of criminality”. If you want to be a part of this great family, to whom Tatjana called Karosta Kids, you have two options: join the organization as a volunteer or make a donation. Be aware that all donation are tax-deductible.


To get to know more about this organization, please visit its online places:

Facebook | Blog | Slideshare



Norwegian National Evening in Karosta

On 24th February 2015 another cultural event took place in our Youth Center. With the help of our beloved friend we had opportunity to travel without leaving Liepaja and to have a fun and different evening in good company. During the event we discovered some interesting facts about Norway, as well as the beauty of the region, the character of the people and the manners. 


Thanks so much to Vidar Abrahamsen for his delicious norwegian waffles, his brown cheese, but, mostly, his love lessons, his time, his kindness 

Contact us if you have further questions about the next national evenings in Karosta:


From Karosta, with love








Last year, in 2014, 6 Karosta Kids have received scholarships, gently conceded by Håp For Alle. This was a way of motivate our kids to continue their studies. Today, with Christmas still in our hearts, we are pleased to announce that we received a big present: 10 more scholarships for our Karosta Kids. Thanks, Håp For Alle!




Who are we?

Karosta Kids' logo
Karosta Kids' logo

In the last days, we gather all the important information about our non governmental organization in a single document, which you can access for free below. Let us know if you still have any doubts about Karosta Kids :)



Here I am (latv. - Te es)

HERE I AM is a project under the YOUTH IN ACTION program
HERE I AM is a project under the YOUTH IN ACTION program

Starting tomorrow, October 28, we start a youth forum where Karosta Kids (at the age of 13+) will be looking at the success factors and find creative solutions in order to succeed in their lives. Karosta Kids will be involved in different activities to discover and develop their talents.


On Monday they will have the possibility to discover what they do best in 4 different Activity Stations (music, beauty, sports, and cooking). Tuesday will be the day to discuss what is the key of being safe and really free. On Wednesday Karosta Kids will discuss what is actual beauty and how beauty is percieved within the minds of the opposite gender. Thursday will be the day when Karosta Kids will be able to use their practical talents being creative with their hands. And finally - Friday will be for learning more about self-respect and self-esteem.

Each one of the days will end with a discussion of the day where they will share their opinions and learn from the guests of the day.


We are super-excited to get the next week started! Stay tuned for more info on HERE I AM! 



We at KarostaKids call it an "I-house" sometimes :) Would you mind being that "I" of the house and help to build it?

Your donation small or big WILL make an enormous difference! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED SO FAR!

You can donate either through Paypal: OR through a bank transfer:

Karosta Kids,

LV26UNLA0050017389379, SEB Bank.


Join the cause of creating a home for youth

I want to thank the World Race team and kids from Karosta who helped us to clean the youth center on Saturday and to prepare it for futher renovations. We are in the process of working on projects and putting together our prayers, hearts and wisdom to come up with a new fundraising strategies.

We need you to help us to make this dream into reality. There are youth that once were involved in Christian circles, but have lost hope that anything is going to change. Help us to restore this hope for them. Help us to show our faith through our works. This ministry is not about people, not about finances and not about seeking glory from men. It is about God and God's heart for the lost.

During this time I am again and again reminded that what God has started, He will finish. We need to delight in the Lord and He WILL give us the desires of our hearts. I invite you to pray together with us. If God speaks to you to GIVE your time, talents or money, do not hold back. It is the time to stand up for those who are broken. It is the time to love more than it is humanly possible. Where is love? If each one of us would love just one, the whole world would be changed. Join us in this cause of LOVE.

May God bless you richly!

Andra Konovalcika


God is good all the time






Sometimes while you are in a process you do not see the progress. None of us at KarostaKids are excited about accounting, balance sheets, and simply numbers. However, our God loves the numbers. He loves investments and great interest rates. In fact, God's Kingdom banking has the greatest interest rates of 30, 60, 100%.


Last year on April we stepped out in faith. We found a venue that overexceeded all our hopes and dreams. It was perfect for the youth ministry God had been speaking to our hearts for YEARS. Once we stepped in "Missions Apartment" as we love to call it, our hearts rejoiced as with eyes of faith we saw the hope and transformation it will bring to the heart-broken youth of Karosta. We sensed this is going to be a place where young boys and girls will restore their lives. YES! We said as we looked into the future of God lifting up the future leaders. This is the place!


Now a little bit about the numbers that we have learned to LOVE:


Year 2011 - ending balance: 16$



  • Our youth receives their first scholarships to support their voluntary work, January 11 - we could not be more proud of our Karosta Kids!
  • First donation comes in from friends from Austria, March 21 - 350$ - our heart's flipped around
  • Donation recived from our friends in America, April 21, - 1000$ - with a note: Karosta Youth center construction fund :) 
  • Our first coorperate financial donation, September 28 - 2000 $ - with a note: we believe in your work!
  • Invested into renovation of youth center - around 6 500 $ - Praise the Lord!

Year 2012 - ending balance - 1768 $ Multiplication of 110,5 %!

This is our God! As our organization is growing, so are the financial needs both for the next phase of renovation as well as operations expenses. We invite you to invest into KarostaKids for WE INVEST IN YOUTH FOR THEIR BETTER FUTURE!


Work in Progress

Spring is here and sunny weather inspires us to continue our work in progress at the KarostaKids youth center. Here are just few images of the tile floor of the kitchen to be. As you can see, there are still loads of work to do. It is impossible to do it alone so we need your prayers, creativity and support. Are you into interior design? Have an excellent taste? Love painting? Are you creative? Do you like to roll up your sleeves sometimes to DO it - to do HISTORY? You are welcomed to join this work. You are needed HERE! Send us a message :)