Tatyana Tarasova  - Ministry Development Director


Tanya is the heart of our organization. She has been in the non-profit world for 7 years. Tatyana has successfully led Karosta Day Center for Children, for the past 1 year, serving over 100 at-risk children and youth; She has worded as well as a children and youth psychologist, since 2008. Tatyana has a degree in Social Psychology. For more than two years, Tanya has opened the doors of her apartment to over 30 youth at risk. She loves to see their lives transformed by the love of God. Click here to read more


Dana Stogina  - Youth worker



Dana's greatest joy is to serve at Day center in Karosta. She loves children and thinks that life is never boring with children. Dana wants to see transformed lives. She loves to worship, to play piano and to sing as well as to photograph.  Dana also loves to travel, to learn about new cultures. Her biggest joy is to spend time with family and friends. Her friends describe her as a very positive, kind and loving person. She always smiles.”


Helmuts Gederts  - Youth worker/ an artist and a leader



Helmuts likes to spend time with kids, loves to give them joy. Helmuts special talents are circus, acrobatics and juggling. He loves to do sports and organize teem building activities. Helmuts biggest dream is to have a loving family. Helmuts always surprises everyone with his new and emerging talents. It would be hard to say that Helmuts does not stand out. He is very disciplined, creative and hard-working. His strenght are his faithfulness and sense of responsibility. Helmuts is a natural leader.”


Anastasiya Havecka  - Music teacher




Sergey Morozov  - Music band/Project coordination



Dana Haw  - Communications&Design


Dana is a History Maker. She desires to see this world becoming a better place because of her. She hopes that her works speak louder than her words and that people would remember how she made them feel. In the future she sees herself amongst youth and children. She is very hardworking and works well under pressure. Dana lights up this world with her sense of humor and tenderness towards others. She is multi-talanted, in music/arts and communications. She often travels, and when asked where she likes it best, her answer is "wherever I haven't been yet".